Summer 2019: The anthropology of Aging

Aging is a topical issue all over the world. It is something we encounter on a daily basis. The process starts from the day we get born. But what does that mean, growing old, physically, emotionally and mentally? What types of care are offered and how do people experience them? What are their daily activities? How do people deal with getting older? How do we as a society perceive elderly? How does society manage aging?

The anthropology of Aging module, is one of the units offered as part of the Off The Beaten Track summer school for Anthropology and Ethnography. The Off The Beaten Track program itself is focused on fieldwork, data collection and primary analysis. Writing and editing of any individual or collective research articles will be done after the program through online collaboration.

Starting from individual interests, research topics will be debated and further refined in discussion with the group and your personal mentor(s). Guidance will be offered throughout a three week ethnography and participant observation according to personal demands. Participants are encouraged to experiment with different research methods to enhance their skills, gain practical experience and develop professional competences.

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