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  • 29.-30. April 2019: The futures of ehealth - Social, legal and ethical challenges

29.-30. April 2019: The futures of ehealth - Social, legal and ethical challenges

The conference provides a comprehensive overview of the internationally relevant issues associated with the adoption of eHealth technologies and and offers a multidisciplinary platform for discussing the solutions to the identified challenges. It will feature contributions from scholars coming from diverse fields, such as media and communication studies, law, computer science, sociology and management.

The conference will take place on 29 April and 30 April 2019 in Berlin. The conference attendance is free of charge.

Papers are presented on the following topics (among others):

  • Data protection, privacy, cybersecurity
  • The political economy of (patient) data
  • Patient autonomy and patient empowerment through technology
  • Telehealth in aid and development
  • User innovation
  • Medical surveillance, self-governance and biopolitics
  • Liability and the licensing of healthcare professionals (especially in cross-border contexts, e.g. a comparison of jurisdictions such as the European Union and the African Union)
  • Standardisation (e.g. quality assurance, digital infrastructure, data interoperability, medical standards)
  • Digital literacy and linguistic barriers
  • Ethical challenges (e.g. de-personalisation of medical care) and social consequences (e.g. social inclusion/exclusion; stigma associated with certain diseases)
  • Implications of eHealth technologies for public and private insurance policies
  • Case studies on innovative eHealth technologies and their use

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